In today’s world, where change happens faster than we can tweet it, organizations must be positioned to react not only quickly but correctly as well. Truly agile organizations know that there is always room for improvement, always a way to make things run more efficiently, and always a need to push the boundaries. We understand and live by this philosophy. Wherever you are in your journey toward becoming agile, we’ll help you get there.

Backlog offer a wide variety of private and public training courses as well as private team coaching and consulting. Services range from base-lining your organization through our introduction workshops to taking your company to the next level with advanced coaching and consulting services. We also do on site evaluations and company analysis, creating targeted training solutions for your company.

Backlog also participates in events, as organizer or partner, such as the Portugal Scrum Gathering 2011 and the Agile Portugal 2011 and 2012 conferences, and also in Scrumpt Comunity events.